Curriculum Overview


Our preschool and pre-kindergarten programs promote and support the spiritual, physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive development of young children by facilitating active learning experiences. We believe each child is unique in terms of developmental level, life experience and cultural heritage; and we are committed to creating a safe, nurturing environment where all children can learn and grow. In addition, we believe itâ??s imperative that a partnership exists between school and families in order to provide the optimal learning experience. 

Our goal is to provide a Catholic environment where:


  • each child can experience God's love and grow in a relationship with God
  • each child's social and emotional development is fostered
  • language, literacy and listening skills are developed and encouraged
  • each child is exposed to the arts and sciences 
  • each child can cultivate their fine motor skills
  • opportunities are given for the development of large motor skills
  • creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking skills are fostered
  • self-help skills and an awareness of health, nutrition and safety are taught
  • each child'ss individuality with regard to life experiences and traditions is valued




St. Vincent de Paul School offers an all-day, five-day-a-week kindergarten program. Each day the students are provided opportunities to grow socially, academically and spiritually.

Students are engaged in hands-on activities throughout the day. The activities are included in curricular areas such as reading, math, science, social studies, and English. Music, art, physical education, computers, Spanish and library are also a special part of our weekly routine. In addition, we provide learning centers in many of these areas where students are able to work on skills independently.

God is an important part of our program. We include prayers and stories about God in our schedule each day and we go to Mass once a week. 



First grade is a year of change and transition. The children receive more responsibility by having their own desks, folders, books, etc.

We spend a great deal of time discussing the skills and strategies used in reading and math. Weekly spelling tests are given and students have the opportunity to write creatively in journals.  Reading and math will be the main focus of our curriculum, and we also explore these areas during Social Studies and Science as well.

The first grade team includes three teachers and three associates. Lois Nigrin has been at St. Vincent de Paul for 19 years and an educational professional for 25 years. Christy Kleffman has been at St. Vincent de Paul for nine of her twelve years in education. Judy Hermsen will be starting her fourth year at St. Vincent de Paul. She previously taught for many years at St. Bernard School.

First grade has three teacher associates, Ms. Kathie Onkka, Mrs. Paula Bastian and Mrs. Michelle Hedrick.

Weekly spelling list

Weekly reading vocabulary list


Second grade is a fun-filled environment that allows children the opportunity to engage in learning through a variety of different experiences.

Second grade is a very exciting year as the students prepare for and receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. Throughout the subject areas students are challenged to learn new concepts.

Our classrooms each have a full-time teacher associate. They are essential to our program because they allow us to meet in small groups and give students more individual attention.

2nd Grade News

Math Fact Practice


In third grade, Science, English, and Social Studies are departmentalized. Ms. Ruelas, Room 31, teaches Science; Mrs. Baker, Room 32, teaches English; and Mrs. Schofield, Room 33, teaches Social Studies.

Third grade is the beginning of independent responsibility and homework. Your child, with our (parents' and teachers') guidance, will be moving toward self-management of his/her homework and time efficiency. Help your child establish good study habits and time management skills by reinforcing the use of their assignment notebook. An appropriate working environment at home and a secure a time each evening for him/her to complete assignments will also benefit your child.

A major event in third grade is Pioneer Days, which takes place at the beginning of May. Students are involved in two days of hands-on experiences and lifelong memories.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to teach and work with your children.


In religion in grade four we cover a variety of topics and our lessons are filled with scripture stories that your child will enjoy. The ten commandments are a focus in the textbook as well as how to pray the rosary. The students will focus on the rosary in October as that is the month of the rosary. They will learn how to pray this prayer, make their own rosaries and make one to donate. They will also be tested over how to pray the rosary and they will be able to list the 20 decades of the rosary. 

In grade four, the students will rotate to the other classrooms for many subjects in order to prepare them for intermediate and junior high classes. Mrs. Thede will teach all grade four students social studies. Mrs. Madison teaches all grade four students the science curriculum, and Mrs. Caito teaches the English curriculum.
In social studies, your child will learn about the history and geography of the United States.  We will also cover a special unit on our state of Nebraska. Students take notes in class through the use of the Active Board and also have a study guide provided for each chapter to aid in studying for chapter tests. Please review this with your child when preparing for tests.

In science class, your child will learn various topics in life, earth, and physical science.  Throughout the year your child will practice the scientific method: ask a question, make a hypothesis, conduct the experiment, conclusion-what were the results, and application-what does this mean in my life.  Your child will take notes in class and complete study guides for each chapter.  These are great tools as well as the end of the chapter reviews in the student text book when reviewing for tests.
Reading classes have many rich stories in grade four!  The students will be reading from our anthology as well as reading novels that we will provide. After every story the children are tested over their knowledge of the vocabulary as well as comprehension. They will also be choosing Accelerated Reader books from the school library to read and be tested over the comprehension of the story on the computer. We ask that they read one Accelerated Reader book per month---many choose to do more than that but at least one is required.

English class consists of both grammar and writing.  Daily assignments are given during grammar units so students can practice what they learned.  We review in class the day before an English test, plus there is a section at the end of each unit to practice at home.  
Math in grade four covers a variety of topics. Feel free to have your child bring the book home to look through---decimals, fractions, long division and long multiplication are some of the highlights! Multiplication and division through the 12's are very important in grade four and up. Please review flashcards---especially the 12's to help your child in math this year.
Take home folders come home daily with homework that has been completed as well as any important notes for parents. Please empty these out nightly and send back to school with any information for us.
Blue Friday folders will come home on Fridays. In here will be school notes, newsletters, lunch menus, and the ALWAYS IMPORTANT spelling list for the next week!  Please go through these over the weekend and maybe even get a start on those spelling words! Spelling tests are always on Fridays except when we have a shortened week---then on the last day of the school week. Students have the option each week of taking the regular spelling list test or an optional chalenge list test that is printed on the back of the regular list. They can make this decision every week, and it does not have to be the same test each week.

In addition to spelling, our students participate in the Sadlier vocabulary program. There are 12 words that they practice for 2-3 weeks with pages to complete in their workbook on their meanings, synonyms, antonyms. Then a test is given to determine their knowledge of the meanings and use of the words.



Upcoming Test Dates/Homework



Fifth grade at St. Vincent de Paul is a transition year for students. As teachers we instill in our students skills to be as independent as possible. This year students begin carrying Code of Conduct cards with them to every class. Students are expected to always be prepared for class and using the Code of Conduct card helps us to hold them accountable for all of their actions. Students also carry an Exemplary Behavior card that we mark when we witness them showing random acts of kindness to their peers.

One of our big projects that we do every year in 5th grade is our state research report. Students spend many hours researching and writing about a state that they are assigned, and we culminate the project with a "State Fair".

5th grade is also the year that teachers begin sharing one full-time teacher associate.
Welcome to sixth grade!
Students are assigned to a homeroom where they will report each day and where they will have a locker. They will also be in homerooms for study halls and homeroom activities each week. They will travel throughout the day to different teachers within the grade for each subject area. Core subjects and teachers are: English and social studies, Mrs. John; Science and religion, Mrs. Guinotte; Math and reading, Mrs. Bockelman. They will also travel to various teachers for special classes including PE, art, computers, Spanish and music. 
Welcome to seventh and eighth grades. 

Students are assigned lockers in their homeroom.  This is where they will report each day.Then for most of the remainder of the day, they will see different teachers for each subject.  Core subjects and teachers are: Religion, Mr. Dunn; Social Studies, Mrs. Zimmerman; Literature, Mrs. Fosbender; English, Mr. Leever; Math, Mrs. Schiller; and Science, Ms. Kolberg.  They will also see special teachers like PE, Music, Art, and Spanish.

7th Grade Homework Calendar


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