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Welcome to St. Vincent de Paul Preschool!  Our theme for the school year is "Your hope in the Lord will help you soar."  

This is my 15th year at St. Vincent de Paul School, and I am excited to begin my fifth year as a preschool teacher.  I previously worked as a teacher associate in kindergarten and first grade.  Prior to that I taught preschool for over 10 years.  I received my Bachelor of Science from UNL and my Master of Arts in Teaching from the College of Saint Mary. 
Classroom Information and Links
Our goals in preschool include providing a Catholic environment where:
*Each child will be able to experience God's love and grow in a relationship with God. 
*Each child's social and emotional development is fostered.
*Language, literacy and listening skills are developed and encouraged
*Opportunities are give for the development of fine and large motor skills.
*Creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking skills are fostered.
*Each child's individuality with regard to life experiences and traditions is valued.

In addition, we are blessed to have two teacher associates working with us in preschool/pre-kindergarten. Mrs. Suzanne Kerr is the teacher associate in my 2-day and 3-day morning classes while Mrs. Christine Piernicky is the teacher associate for the 5-day afternoon class.  

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at 402-492-2111.  You can also  email me.
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