Spanish weekly schedule and assignments

*Almost everything we do, we do in class.  Usually, the only homework that students should have would be to finish what they may not have completed in class.  There are times, however, that HW is assigned specifically for outside of class, except for 7th and 8th graders.  Homework/Assignments started in class, and not completed by the end of class, will be due the next time that class meets for Spanish (at the beginning of the next scheduled class).  Listed below is what we will do in class and will be graded.  We also do a lot of in-class reviewing/discussions, practicing, and playing games that will not be graded. The Daily Work questions will be posted on my web page after we do them in each class per grade.

*ABSENCES:  Students must come see me after absences to pick up worksheets (if their study buddy did not already pick these up for them),  but they may make up their daily work questions from my web page (on looseleaf) in the comfort of
their own home.  As noted above, these will be posted only after all three classes of a grade have answered them in class, so keep checking.  These need to be made up within the week of their absence(s).  I will automatically input zeros for assignments missed due to absences as a reminder that work is missing. These zeros will be changed as soon as the work is made up.  
I am available to students every morning (except Weds) from 7:30 - 8:00.  *Please note that I am not at school/available on Wednesdays.  (2nd-5th grade classes do not have online postings for Spanish.) 
*Pop-quizzes will not be posted ahead of time.  Sometimes I will "hint" that one is coming soon.  The main announced quizzes will be the Padre Nuestro quizzes for 7th graders every 7 - 14 days.  There will also be unannounced pop quizzes over the Mini-Cultural Tidbits in 7th and 8th grades.  They are open-note, so students need to have their notes in class with them at all times.
DW = Daily Work
WS = Wordsearch
CW = Crossword
HW = Homework
EC = Extra Credit


Google Translate will no longer be allowed for any Spanish assignments from this day forward.  In other words, they may not use Google to do their homework for them. (Besides many times the translations are not the same context.)  

Google Translate will ONLY be allowed during the 8th graders' Archdiocesan Assessments, and for Extra Credit reports on the children's books and on reports over the Spanish speaking countries.  

If I suspect that Google Translate has been used on regular Spanish assignments/homework (and it's obvious), those assignments will automatically earn a zero. 


Daily Lessons: 

Monday - 5/21

Spanish 61 - DW #27 and #28;  Discussions about Cuba; Turn in Spanish folders

Spanish 62 - No DW; Play game

Spanish 73 - "Clocks" assignments due today; No DW; Do "Que Hora Es v.s. A Que Hora Es" assignment in class today; Turn in Spanish folders

Spanish 82 -  


Tuesday - 5/22

Spanish 62 - No DW; Stack desks; Turn in Spanish folders

Spanish 72 - No DW; Play game; Turn in Spanish folders

Spanish 81 

Spanish 83 


Wednesday - No Spanish 


Thursday - 

Spanish 63 

Spanish 71

Spanish 72 - 

Spanish 81

Spanish 83


Friday - 

Spanish 61 

Spanish 63 - 

Spanish 71

Spanish 73

Spanish 82 - 



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