5th Grade Homework

Friday  March 23, 2018

Spelling--Ms. Stec Unit 28 Test.  
Spelling--Ms. Salerno Unit 28 Test.  
Spelling--Mrs. Jones

Unit 28 Test.

Reading--Ms. Stec Wksht.    
Reading--Ms. Salerno Pgs. 173-175.  
Reading--Mrs. Jones

Story Wksht. Write Ch. 13 On My Honor - due March 27.

Math--Ms. Stec SS #94. Pg. 352. Ch. 10 Test Monday.  
Math--Mrs. Jones SS Quiz(#89-92). Wkbk. Pg. 89.  
Math--Ms. Salerno

SS Quiz Monday. Wkbk. Pg. 66.


Unit 4 lesson 1 Quiz was today.

Social Studies

Review notes.


W5 D1 sentence B - sentence. Wkbk. Pg. 27.

Religion--Ms. Stec Ch. 1 Test Tues.  
Religion--Ms. Salerno Ch. 1 Study Guide & Ch. Review due after break.  
Religion--Mrs. Jones None.  
Vocabulary--Ms. Stec Unit 13 4 online assignments due Wed; Test Wed.  
Vocabulary--Ms. Salerno Unit 13 online Pgs. due Wed.  
Vocabulary--Mrs. Jones None.  

Do Xtra Math 3 times a week!

Pray for Benjamin and his family.

Have a great weekend!



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