5th Grade Homework

Thursday  January 17, 2019

Spelling--Ms. Stec Unit 19 Pgs. 130+132 due Fri. Test Fri.  
Spelling--Ms. Salerno Unit 19 Pgs. 130+132 due Fri. Test Fri.  
Spelling--Mrs. Jones

Unit 19 Test tomorrow.

Reading--Ms. Stec None.  
Reading--Ms. Salerno

Wkbk. Pgs. 92+95.

Reading--Mrs. Jones


Math--Ms. Stec

SS #59. WkBk. Pg. 88.

Math--Mrs. Jones

SS #67. Pg. 194 #1-21. Test tomorrow - Fri.

Math--Ms. Salerno

SS #68. Test tomorrow -  Fri.  Adding fractions.

Science "Adaptions in the Rainforest" packet.  
Social Studies

Pg. 322 Vocab. Pg. 323 #1-7 FMI. Ch. 9 Test Tues Jan. 22.


DOL W5 D1 sentence B - marks. Typed final draft with due Tues.

Religion--Ms. Stec Wksht. due Jan. 23.  
Religion--Ms. Salerno

Ch. 16 Test tomorrow - Fri.

Religion--Mrs. Jones Finish Ch. 16 Study Guide.  
Vocabulary--Ms. Stec None.  
Vocabulary--Ms. Salerno Unit 9 online pages and test on Fri.  
Vocabulary--Mrs. Jones







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