Mrs. Thede - Room 42

Welcome to room 42! This is my 30th year at St. Vincent de Paul.  I attended Hastings College.  I taught 5th grade at St. Albert Elementary for three years, 1st grade at St. Vincent for one year, and fourth grade at St. Vincent for 29 years. 

I teach the social studies curriculum to all grade 4 students. I also teach religion, handwriting, vocabulary, reading, math and spelling to my homeroom students.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns throughout the year. You can email me , or you may call 492-2111 and leave a message.
Classroom Information and Links
We share teacher associates in grade four. They are: Mrs. Moynihan and Ms. Schlueter.  We are very blessed to have these individuals who have so many gifts and talents to offer your children daily.
Students will learn so much this school year! Highlights include: learning about Nebraska, reading novels, study of the rosary, and kindergarten buddies.  For an overview of fourth grade learning opportunities, click here.

See below for homework and test information.



Have students log in to Google account/Google docs and click on 9 dots in top right corner, and click Classroom. We will use Google Classroom to keep in touch with our students.


The links below will give you access to online textbooks and other valuable resources: ALL TEXTBOOK LINKS ARE ON SVDP HOMEPAGE UNDER: QUICK LINKS

Math (Click on link to left and use username and password given to you at curriculum night then select the fourth grade text)

Math Facts Practice


regular username with 24SVDP on the end

regular password

Science  Click here for instructions on logging into the HMH Science website for the first time. Click here for the HMH Science website.

Social Studies book. Nebraska Adventure LINK is on QUICKLINKS page on school site

regular username 

regular password


(use your standard username and password to login; then select the fourth grade text)

Spelling lists(

regular username

PASSWORD: svdp2022

SCHOOL ID: 68164

-use QR code reader for each unit: Blue list: is the regular list given to students, Green list: challenge list that is optional each week if a student wants a more difficult list)



(same user name and password as in computer class)


password is a number a fruit and a shape...taped in assignment notebook
use username and password in assignment notebook
code for Thede class: TEKQZNCZ

xtramath   Go to sign in:

email: use Math teacher's email

username: is on a sheet in each student's assignment notebook (It is the first name of the student exactly how the teacher typed it in August-see taped sheet inside assignment notebook.)

password: the number that is taped in their assignment notebook



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