Art - Mr. Pflaum

Welcome to the St. Vincent de Paul Art Room!

All students in grades K through 8 receive art instruction each week.

Each student will explore art through art history and aesthetics using many mediums including pencils, pastels, painting, pottery, weaving and digital art.  Artwork is continually displayed throughout the school and on the school art gallery website.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in contests and contribute projects to the annual SPREE auction.


The student art gallery will be updated throughout the year accompanied by project descriptions. You can access samples of SVdP student artwork on instagram at this link

(Past years examples can be viewed by clicking here.)

You can reach me via email anytime.

2022-2023 will be my 16th year at St. Vincent De Paul.  I received my BFA from Creighton University with an empahsis in painting and drawing and my MaEd in 2005. I am grateful to have the privilege to work with over 800 children each week at St. Vincent De Paul School.  I have been illustrating  for over 30 years and continue to create new art which can be viewed at
I am inspired by tthe students' originality using multiple art mediums and tools on a daily basis. It is a joy to see them experience new techniques and projects while learning how art is an important part of their life every day. I hope that they take from their classes a better understanding and appreciation of the arts so they can enrich not only themselves, but the people they will encounter in their future.

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