Demographic Information Update Form

St. Vincent de Paul School wants to make sure that demographic information on file for all school families is up-to-date and accurate.  This would include data such as addresses, home phone numbers, work phone numbers, cell phone numbers, email addresses, and Safe Environment certification renewal information.

By helping SVdP keep demographic information current, parents can ensure that they continue to receive all the latest school information provided via mail, phone call, or email message.  Letting us know when you receive or renew your Safe Environment certification ensures that only SE certified individuals work in classrooms or other school areas.

If you have had or plan to have a change for any of your basic demographic information or have new expiration date information for Safe Environment certification, please complete the appropriate sections below and click on the Submit button.

Thanks for your assistance!

Unless otherwise noted, demographic updates provided via this form will be applied to all of your children.

Family Name:

Apply these changes only to the following children:

If you have moved or are moving to a new address, please complete the section below:
New Street Address:                                                                    New City, State and Zip Code:

Subdivision (Neighborhood Name):                                           Public School District for Your New Address:
If home, work, or cell phone numbers have changed, please complete the section below as appropriate:
New Home Phone Number:           
New Work Number for Father:       
New Work Number for Mother:      
New Cell Phone for Father:           
New Cell Phone for Mother:          

If you have a new email address or wish to add an email address for receipt of school emailings such as the Virtual Backpack, please complete the section below as appropriate:
New Email Address for School Records:                         
Additional Email Address for School Mailings:              

If you have received your initial or renewal Safe Environment certification card, please complete the section below as appropriate:
Expiration Date for Father:                 
Expiration Date for Mother:                

When will these changes become effective?    

Thank you for using our online demographics update form. Please click Submit to send this information to St. Vincent de Paul School.  Once you have submitted your changes, you will be returned to the SVdP homepage.

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