Ecollect Registration

SVdP makes use of Ecollect to handle most registration work for new and returning students online.  Ecollect's online forms will save both parents and school staff a great deal of time and ensure more accurate data ends up in our PowerSchool database.


In order to use Ecollect, each family must have a parent PowerSchool account with all currently enrolled students added to that account.  If you encounter problems with creating a parent PowerSchool account or adding students to an existing account when using provided to you, please email Ray Bentzen for assistance.  His email address is; in your email, be as specific as possible as to the nature of your problem.


Registration dates for 2021-2022 will be as follows:

  • Preschool—starting November 2
  • Kindergarten—starting January 11
  • Grades 1-8—starting January 31

More details and instructions will be provided via Virtual Backpack and other mailings as each registration date rolls around.  Parents are asked to only attempt registration/enrollment work for students at the grade levels affected by each registration date.  Submissions which "jump the gun" on those dates will be ignored and deleted.


For students enrolling at SVdP for the first time, the information below will provide an an overview of the steps in the online registration process.



Contact Michelle Madrigal (, 402-492-2111) for more information on the new student registration process.  She will provide a link to a web form that will be the first step in that process.


After submitting the web form, you will receive a confirmation email requiring no action on your part.  As applications are received and aproved, families will receive another email providing instructions on further action needed.  An overview of those instructions follows.



If you don't have a parent PowerSchool account, follow these steps:
1) Go to Quick Links for Parents on the school homepage.
2) Select the PowerSchool for Parents link.
3) Click on the Create Account tab on the login page that comes up.
4) Click on the Create Account button on the next page that loads.
5) Provide the requested parent account information; please double-check that the email you enter is correct and make a note of the username and password you choose for your account.
6) Provide the information needed to add your child to your account. Student name, Access ID, Access Password, and Relationship are required items. You will find the Access ID and Access Password information for your children included in the email referenced above.
7) Once all information has been entered, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Enter button.
8) You can now access your parent PowerSchool account.

If you already have a parent PowerSchool account and need to add a newly enrolled child, follow these steps:
1) Log into your parent PowerSchool account.
2) Select Account Preferences in the left column.
3) Click on the Students tab.
4) Click the Add button/icon.
5) Provide the information needed to add your child to your account. Student name, Access ID, Access Password, and Relationship are required items. You will find the Access ID and Access Password information for your children included in temail referenced above.


From your parent PowerSchool account, select the tab for the student you are enrolling and then click on the Ecollect Forms link in the left column. A listing of required enrollment forms for the enrollment status (new/returning/ grade level) of each student will be displayed; those may include:

  • Student and Parent Basic Information (all new and returning students)
  • Extended Student Information and Developmental Background (all new students)
  • Developmental Background (returning PK and K students)
  • Parish Involvement (all new and returning students; one submission per family as assigned)
  • Intent to Enroll (all new and returning students)

Parents requesting enrollment for students at any grade level must complete and submit all required forms to finalize enrollment applications. Please do so at your earliest convenience both as a courtesy to school staff and to increase the likelihood of final acceptance. Be sure to proofread data you provide before submitting to ensure information on file with the school is accurate and complete.


Parents enrolling a students or students for the first time at SVdP must provide the items listed below to the school office in order for your child's enrollment to be given final consideration:

  • baptismal certificate
  • birth certificate
  • immunization records

All parents enrolling students in Preschool or Kindergarten must provide a check payable to SVdP for the amount due for registration fees ($150.00 per child for Preschool; $500.00 per child for Kindergarten).


You will be notified by personal email if your child is accepted for enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year.  Some of the Ecollect system generated emails you receive may suggest acceptance but do so only because that is how they are formatted and we cannot edit the language.  Only the email you receive from the school will be official with regard to a final enrollment decision.



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