First Grade News

This week we will talking about who helps us, the sound of au, aw, augh, al (as in walk), vowel team syllables, antonyms, author's purpose, and possessive pronouns.

Weekly Vocabulary



friend mother
   picture accept
  father often


Weekly Spelling List 

As you study these words and this week's sentence with your child, remember a reversal and capital letter where not needed is counted as a mistake.

This week's words:



dawn claw
cause love
moon paw
saw friend


This week's sentence:

My dog saw his hurt paw and knows the cause of his pain.

Challenge Words
Students who receive a 100% on the pretest are assigned the challenge word list. They receive a 100% for their spelling grade on their test for the week.

awfully crawfish


picture caught
accept awkward
often because


Challenge sentence:

My friend went fishing and caught a crawfish in August.

Approaching words:heat

mail nail
snail jail
trail black
frail over
pail soon


Approaching sentence:

The snail went on the trail.

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