First Grade News

Reading  - This week we'll be talking about what you can see in the sky. We'll be learning the er, ir, ur sounds, the ending of er, using adjectives, reading a fantasy story, finding the cause and effect and sequencing.

Weekly Vocabulary

another climb
full great
poor through
leaped stretched


Weekly Spelling List 

As you study these words and this week's sentence with your child, remember a reversal and capital letter where not needed is counted as a mistake.

This week's words:

her       work
bird barn
fur arm
fern climb
dirt through


This week's sentence:

The bird did her work in the fern by the barn.


Challenge Words
Students who receive a 100% on the pretest are assigned the challenge word list. They receive a 100% for their spelling grade on their test for the week.



leaped stretched
another poor
turmoil swirled
worker teacher


Challenge sentence:

The poor little earthworm was in turmoil as he stretched through the dirt.


Approaching words

truck       cluck
stuck yuck
snuck must


Approaching sentence:

A big truck was stuck in the mud.

Click here for Spelling City (a website with lots of fun spelling activties).

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