First Grade News

This week we will talking about why we celebrate holidays. We'll learn about air, are, ear sounds, cause and effect, author's purpose, r controlled syllables, and abbreviations.

Weekly Vocabulary



gone wonder
surprise young
nation unite


Weekly Spelling List 

As you study these words and this week's sentence with your child, remember a reversal and capital letter where not needed is counted as a mistake.

This week's words:

fair wear
three favorite
share spare
pair surprise
splash bear


This week's sentence:

If you want to wear my favorite pair of shoes, I will share.

Challenge Words
Students who receive a 100% on the pretest are assigned the challenge word list. They receive a 100% for their spelling grade on their test for the week.

wonder carefully


colony repair
holiday footwear
celebrate beware


Challenge sentence:

We celebrate an important holiday in our nation.

Approaching words

pink mink
stink link
clink every
drink from
sink has


Approaching sentence:

That pink drink is from the store.

Click here for Spelling City (a website with lots of fun spelling activties).

Click here for counting coins.


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