First Grade News

This week we will talking about how people help out in communities, sh, th, and ng words, common and proper nouns, and character, setting and events.

Weekly Vocabulary

want all
call day


Weekly Spelling List 

As you study these words and this week's sentence with your child, remember a reversal and capital letter where not needed is counted as a mistake.

This week's words:

fish sang
ship shop
thing with
fast wink
want call


This week's sentence:

Call me if you want to learn how to wink fast.

Challenge Words
Students who receive a 100% on the pretest are assigned the challenge word list. They receive a 100% for their spelling grade on their test for the week.

sixth thick
thank stranger
morning share
worship bringing
want day


Challenge sentence:

She is bringing a song to share at worship.

Approaching words

  game      same
lame frame
tame all


Approaching sentence:


Click here for Spelling City (a website with lots of fun spelling activties).

Click here for counting coins.


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