First Grade News

Reading  - This week we'll be talking about traditions, 3 letter blends, problem and solutions, using I and me, and using commas in dates and letters. 

Weekly Vocabulary

before front
heard push
tomorrow your
difficult nobody


Weekly Spelling List 

As you study these words and this week's sentence with your child, remember a reversal and capital letter where not needed is counted as a mistake.

This week's words:

strike write
three split
spray your
know scrape
splash heard


This week's sentence:

I heard that you know how to write your name three ways.

Challenge Words
Students who receive a 100% on the pretest are assigned the challenge word list. They receive a 100% for their spelling grade on their test for the week.

tomorrow stretcher
before splendid
shrill scramble
through scratch
sprinkler thrown


Challenge sentence:

Tomorrow I will go through the sprinkler before I go to school.

Approaching words

  mash lash
stash gash
dash our
flash once
crash the


Approaching sentence:

There was a flash and a crash when the thunder came.

Click here for Spelling City (a website with lots of fun spelling activties).

Click here for counting coins.


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