Science fun sites

Welcome to the science game site.

The first site is a physics game.  It looks easy at first. You have to build devices to move an object to a goal.  There are over 20 levels.  Good luck!!!
Physics game


The next site is one for you if like golf and physics.  Try these eighteen holes!!!  Wonderputt
This site is called liquid measure.  You must build a way to make the liquid go into the containers.  There are several levels.  Good luck!  Liquid Measure
This game is called Light Up.  You need to remove the circles so that you can light up the bulb.  Click here to try this game.  Light up!
This game is called Nodes.  Your task is to connect all the dots or nodes to light them up.  There are several levels and some of them are tough.  Click here....Nodes!
This site is called Tinker Ball.  You will use all kinds of odd equipment to make the ball land and stay in the cup.  Click here and good luck!  Tinker Ball!

This last site is one where you can add your own challenges in addition to trying different levels set up by others.  Challenge someone in your class!!
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