Spanish - 6th Grade Daily Work

#1 - A - How many Spanish speaking countries are there in the world?

B - What is that special 6-digit number we came up with in class to remember the geographical locations of the Spanish speaking countries of the world?

#2 - A - What is the Spanish speaking country in N.A?

B - What is the Spanish speaking country in Europe?

C - What are the tres Spanish speaking countries in the Caribbean?

#3 - A - What is the capital of Mexico?

B - What do the people of Mexico call their capital city?

C - What is an illegal immigrant?

#4 - A - Name a myth about the water in Mexico.

B - Who is Mexico's current president?

#5 - A - What is a siesta?

B - What is a fiesta?

C - What is a QuinceƱera?

#6 - A - Why is Mexico City sinking?

B - Who were the two main native groups of people (Indians) from the area now called Mexico?

#7 - A - Why is cinco de mayo so important in Mexico?

B - Was is Las Posadas?

#8 - Name dos miracles about Our Lady of Guadalupe.

#9 - A - What are Mexican strolling musicians called?

B - What is the name of the dance you all will be learning during our cinco de mayo celebration?

#10 - A - When is Mexico's Independence Day?

B - Who is the most famous for singing "La Bamba"?

#11 - A - Who is Mexico's wealthiest man and is also one of the wealthiest in the world?

B - What is the Chupacabra?

#12 - A - What is the name of the Mexican hairless dog?

B - What type of Mexican dog was the Taco Bell dog?

#13 - A - Name tres popular resort towns in Mexico.

B - Name dos clothing items that are famous to Mexico.

#14 - A - Name dos famous ancient ruins in Mexico that tourists can visit.

B - What is a "cenote"?

#15 - A  - Where is the Alamo?  (city and state)

B - Who won the battle at the Alamo?

C - Who was the Mexican general for the Mexican army at the Battle at the Alamo?

#16 - A - What is mole?

B - What is cilantro?

C - What is a tomatillo?

#17 - A - What is cajeta?

B - What is a sopapilla?

C - What is a Jarrito?

#18 - List seis varieties of peppers used in Mexican cooking and in Mexican cuisine.


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