Kindergarten - New Student Information & Registration

General Information
Welcome to Kindergarten at St. Vincent de Paul School! We are an all-day, five-day kindergarten program. Each day the students are provided opportunities to grow socially, academically and spiritually.

Students are engaged in hands-on activities throughout the day. The activities are included in curricular areas such as reading, math, science, social studies, and English. Music, art, physical education, computers, Spanish and library are also a special part of our weekly routine. In addition, we provide learning centers in many of these areas where students are able to work on skills independently.

Each classroom has a full-time associate, allowing for more interaction between the students and teachers, and for small-group activities to meet students' individual needs.

God is an important part of our program. We include prayers and stories about God in our schedule each day and we go to Mass once a week.

Kindergarten Informational Documents and Application/Registration Forms
Kindergarten Part I - Initial Application/Registration
Kindergarten Part II - Health Information
Immunization Requirements - for reference
Kindergarten Part III - Miscellaneous
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